Across the Road, Across the World.

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Upcoming Events

Sun Sep 26 @12:00 - 03:00PM
club barbecue mk2
Thu Sep 30 @20:00 -
BRATS weekly net on DA

Who's Online

The Committee

President: Pete Gyngell (M0PLG)
Vice President:   Paul Borer (M0PFW)

The Committee for 2020 - 2021

Chairman: Andy Smith (M0HLG)

Vice Chairman:  Nigel Alford (2E0OQU)

Treasurer: Chris Drake (M6IYT)

Secretary: Mike Jury (M0MFF)

Ordinary and Co-opted members of the committee

Roger King (M0LKR)

Paul Borer (M0PFW)

Jon Booty (2E0NML)