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The Brats Remote Shack,
Gravesend Sea Cadets unit

RSGB Registered Assessors
Paul M0YMJ, Paul M0PFW, Keith M0KJA, Bill M0KLK 

The BRATS have offered this FREE On-line UK Amateur Radio Exam Study Resources since 2001. 

To benefit from tutor assistance, in any form and at any level, membership of the BRATS Club is required.

NOTE: Now that OPTICAL MARKING of all exam papers is occurring your will need in the exams a BLACK pen to sign the exam form and to complete the Optical Mark sheet, an HB pencil for initial answering of questions and a good pencil eraser should you wish to change your answer. When you are satisfied with your answers you will need to INK IN the Optical Mark Sheet and after that NO CHANGES CAN BE MADE.
Any answers on the Examination Paper do not count as answers to the examination questions and will not be marked. Candidates should be advised to take care to mark up the OMS correctly. Please ensure candidates sign the front page of the Exam Paper and OMS in pen at the very beginning and then place their pen out of the way until required to finally shade in the OMS. Please also advise them to only shade in their answers and make no other marks on the OMS. Such papers are liable to be rejected for manual checking which will delay their marking and results.

Your exam centre is not obliged to provide equipment.

All work on the Optical Mark Sheet must be completed within the exam time which have been increased to take account of this new system of marking.

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