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Part 2

Practical 9.


Construct a simple amateur radio related project (e.g. direct conversion receiver, crystal calibrator, 'grid' dip meter, ATU & SWR meter, Morse oscillator, audio amplifier) either from a pre-prepared kit or from a published or personal design. Construction may be carried out either within a course or elsewhere, but the assessor must be satisfied that the bulk of the work is that of the candidate.


Although no problems have been encountered with any of these construction ideas that is not to say that you will not. Use the circuits at your own risk. The circuits may not operate safely or correctly to accommodate all conceivable events that may occur during the normal operation of the transceiver/receiver, computer, software, power supply, or other equipment connected to, proximal to, or any other device that my influence the circuit via any medium.

Here you get the choice of project but you will in all probability have to find the project for yourself. Chat to your lead instructor and discuss what you can afford and there may be a way round having to build a "new" kit.

How about considering building an interface between your rig and computer so that you could enjoy digital operation of say RTTY, PSK31 SSTV ? Ask your lead instructor for details.

How about considering building a DUMMY LOAD - not quite as easy as you might first think!





Morse oscillator Interface Dummy Load for HF use Build an SSB transceiver

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