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Part 2

Practical 8.

Fit a 13A plug to a piece of three-core mains cable.

This is an essential safety aspect of the course. If you cannot achieve this part un-aided in any way then you will be asked to do the task again. The reason behind this is that it could be a life or death situation. (Disabled candidates will not be penalised if they have to instruct an assistant to help in this section).


You were first introduced to this in the Foundation Licence course and here is a recap:-

Mains plug

Three-core flexible mains lead is normally round, in shape, with an outer plastic covering. You need to take off about 40 - 50 mm of the outer plastic coating of the cable with a pair of wire stripers or knife.

Take off the front case of the plug, Undo the wire grip and place the cable in through the grip and then screw back down tightly.

Put the blue (neutral) wire in its grove and cut the wire so it goes fully into the socket then remove 5mm of the covering on it. Do the same with the yellow and green (earth) and brown (live) wires. Make sure there are no frays or whiskers on any of the wires so twist all the strands of each wire together.

Push each wire to the its correct terminal and screw each down tightly.

When you are satisfied that all are properly in place and each wire going to the correct terminal put the cover back on and screw down tightly.

You can of course practice this assignment prior to the assessment but if you do ensure that the other end of the lead (that does not have the plug) has each core of the flex insulated one from another and that the end is also total sealed so that there is absolutely not chance even if the plug was inadvertently plugged in to a live socket that the end of the flex could have an exposed live wires.

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