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Part 2

Practical 1.

Measure the resistance of a number of different resistors and confirm their values using the colour code. The card shown below is typical of a possible layout of resistors.

To achieve this you will need to :-

  • First use a multimeter set to the correct ohms' scale to "measure" the resitance and note down the reading

  • Then use the resistor colour code to "confirm" the value .

You will not be allowed access to the colour code chart so you will need to have learned that prior to the assessment.

The resistors will be mounted so that they can be easily handled and the colours on the resistors will be clearly visible.

The use of a magnifying glass is permitted.

Your lead instructor will help you wiith understanding the use of the multimenter, or of course if you have one of your own with which you are comfortable then you may use that meter.

An anologue or digital meter are equally acceptable.

Resistor colour codse sheet

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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