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Part 2

Practical 2.

Demonstrate the ability to make good soldered joints.

This is really a learning part of the assessment so that you learn to achieve good solder joints. So even if you have never "soldered" before you will be given all the help you need to achieve a pass in this section.

Soldering is not difficult but needs practice to become accomplished at making good joints.

The lead instructor will assume that you have not soldered prior to the assessment and will therefore demonstrate to you how to solder and make a joint correctly, and almost certainly demonstrate how not to make a soldered joint (but this is more difficult for an experienced amateur radio constructor).

Should you wish to practice the the following point could help you :-

  • use eye protection to stop splashes from the flux or solder going into your eyes.

  • work safely with care not to burn yourself on the soldering iron, or any dropped solder

  • DO NOT BREATH in the FUMES of the FLUX work in a well ventilated area

  • use a good quality soldering iron of about 25 watt

  • use good quality cored electronic type solder

  • make certain the components and the board to which they are to be attached are clean

  • complete the solder joint in about 2 seconds from first applying the tip of the soldering iron to the component and track to removal of the tip from the joint.

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