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Part 2

Practical 5.

Demonstrate that a diode will only conduct in one direction in a simple DC circuit.

The circuit comprises of a battery as the voltage source, a diode, a lamp and a switch.

This is very similar to the first circuit you built in section 3 so not as much explanation is required, check back by clicking on the link if you need a reminder.

HOWEVER - you have to firstly connect the diode, say a 1N4001, one way round and then the opposite way round to show that diode only passes current in one direction and this is when the the lamp lights. Also note the markings on the diode - one end will have a band so that you know you have turned it round.

Diodes only allow the flow of current in one direction - from this experiment you can also determine which way conventional current flows through the diode.

The same board as used in the earlier Practical No.3 will be used and in place of a wire link you will have to place a diode. It is suggested that you use a 3V Battery pack of two dry cells and a suitable lamp rated at 3V. 

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