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Upcoming Events

Sat Jun 23 @09:00 - 12:00PM
Exam at Shack - shack unavailable
Thu Jul 05 @20:30 - 10:30PM
Committee Meeting
Sat Jul 07 @10:00 - 12:00PM
Coffee Morning
Sat Jul 21 @09:00 - 04:00PM
Grain Fete

RNLI SOS Radio Week

RNLI SOS Radio Week


The last SOS Radio Week event 2014 was very successful.

As a club we had a special event callsign allocated to us which is GB0RNLI

We operated from the Strood Yacht Club.

We worked many stations on 40 metres using the clubs equipment to

give points away to other stations for the SOS Radio Week awards .


Thanks for all your support in 2014.


Please support us again if you can. Thanks.