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Learning outcomes part 4

  • a capacitor consists of two metal plates separated by an insulating material.

  • a capacitor can store an electric charge, and that its ability to store a charge (capacitance) depends upon the area of the plates and their separation.

  • 3d.3 Understand that capacitors block direct current but allow alternating current to pass by continuously charging and discharging.

  • The effect described above of the current flowing in a DC circuit until the plates are charged is used to effectively BLOCK a DC current.

  • However, when an AC is applied to a capacitor then the current continues to "apparently flow" due to the continuous charging and discharging of the capacitor each cycle of the AC wave form. 

  • larger values of capacitor may be polarised and must be correctly connected.

  • Can you fill in the blanks?

Symbol Fill in the type of capacitor represented

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