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In this section the learning outcomes were :-

  • Licences in UK

  • Licence Level Typical call sign
    Advanced M0FSH
    Intermediate 2E1JVT  for England  for the Isle of Man (as a main station) it would be 2D1JVT and similarly for the other secondary identifiers
    Foundation M3RND
  • and all of the secondary identifiers used with all the callsigns M, D, W, I, J & U, and that the "E" is only used with the Intermediate licence that the secondary Identifier is used immediately after the first callsign letter.

  • also as used with all licences there is also /P and /M.

  • that the Advanced Amateur Radio Licence is recognised for reciprocal operation in other countries,

  • but that recognition of all UK licences is up to the host administration.

  • that not all countries have "Intermediate" Licences

  • thus Intermediate Licence holders MAY NOT (generally) operate a station located OUTSIDE UK.

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