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Part 2

Print off a copy to have it ready to discuss it with your tutor.

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2h.1 Apply the schedule to the Intermediate licence. A copy of the Schedule will be available during the examination.

Some students are still not using the paper work given to them in the exam which is the schedule as shown below. Make sure that you have a working knowledge of how to use the paper work so that if given a frequency or a ranges of frequencies you would be able to find out from the paper work the answer to the question as to say whether you can use the given frequency on a primary, secondary basis, non interference, or what ever it is. The question will not say look this up but when you are given a frequency or a range of frequencies you must then know to look at the paper work and check it out carefully.

Not to be able to answer a question on this section could also indicate that you have never looked at the schedule with your Foundation Licence as you have to know for the Foundation Licence what you can and cannot do by reference to a similar schedule.

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