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Thu Mar 21 @19:00 - 10:30PM
70mhz 4m VHF UKAC Contest
Sun Mar 24 @10:00 - 04:00PM
Hamzilla Dover Amateur Radio Club Rally
Thu Mar 28 @20:30 - 10:00PM
Committee Meeting
Tue Apr 02 @19:00 - 10:30PM
144mhz 2m VHF UKAC Contest
Thu Apr 04 @20:30 - 10:30PM
Charles G4VSZ Talk on 3D Printers TO BE CONFIRMED

Training Information

Training Information

The BRATS published its first self training material at the end of 2001 and ran its first Foundation Course in February 2002 and this was followed by many successful Foundation short courses (3 hours revision prior to an Exam). With many changes to the exam syllabuses and the retirement of the Lead Instructor training at the Brats stopped at the Brats in about 2008.

A re-birth of the self training course took place in April 2012. As previously, with this FREE on line learning resources many students are able to study on their own without attending a formal course. This allows the student to proceed in their preparation for the exam at their own pace.

Those students who become members of the BRATS club have the back up of access to the training team both by email and in training sessions on club nights and at weekends at the club's remote shack. The students who put in the necessary effort most often achieve 100% success rate in their examination but not always. When a student does not achieve the tutors do all they can to seek out the points of likely short coming so the student knows where extra effort is required.

The BRATS Club now has material that covers in detail all three levels of examination and full back up of tutors who have detailed knowledge of their subject - there is not just one tutor running all the sessions of tutoring whether it is at Foundation, Intermediate or Advanced level. Currently there are 6 club members actively participating the BRATS CLUB training, having together a total of about 60 years experience in Amateur Radio.

Access to the TRAINING WEB SITE 

In addition to tutors being available to BRATS members, previous students of the courses are also available to share their insight into the exam topics.

The structure of the tuition given at the BRATS has been discussed with educational professionals and takes into account the most modern of methods of imparting knowledge to the student.

The club tries to tailor the training according to the individual student's needs (however one to one training cannot be provided).

The Web site is kept up to date whether it is changes in the syllabus or new ideas on better presentation of the training material.

The goal of all the BRATS training is for you to pass your exam and to enjoy the learning of the knowledge to enable you to pass.